LMPA Consultation and Strategy Session Booking Request


To Schedule a Social Media Managment & Marketing (SMMM) Strategy Session Phone Call or In-Person or Phone/Skype LMPA Consultation, please complete the appropriate booking request below. 


PLEASE NOTE:  For all LMPA Consultation booking requests, a pre-consultation questionnaire must be completed PRIOR to scheduling all in-person or conference call consultations.


Please allow at least FIVE business days from the submission of your pre-consultation questionnaire until the consultation date. This allows the necessary time for our team to conduct relevant research.


NOTE:  A $150.00 fee + processing is required for all initial meetings/consultations prior to scheduling an in-person meeting/conference call.


Reason for consultation fee:  There is time and research that goes into preparing for our consultations/meetings.  When meeting with potential clients, the plan is always to bring a PR strategy to the table. Whether a potential client hires our firm on not, this research takes time, manpower and other resources to create; resources that are taken away from our current clients. If you decide to move forward with our services, the $150.00 fee will be applied to those services.